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The Jorge Prada Memorial Scholarship

On October 12, 2018, NYU Meyers adjunct clinical faculty member Jorge Prada passed away at age 49 after a heartbreaking diagnosis of Stage 4 colorectal cancer just a year prior. He fought courageously the entire time, never slowing down. He continued to work at NYU Meyers and serve the National Association of Hispanic Nurses (NAHN) New York chapter until shortly before his death.

In memory of Jorge, we are raising money to start a scholarship fund for NYU Meyers students to attend conferences and pursue networking opportunities outside of the classroom. Conferences are not covered by tuition so students have to pay out-of-pocket if they want to attend. Jorge had a passion for developing the leadership potential of all nursing students and he encouraged them to join professional associations and attend conferences.

Networking and professional development are an essential part of the educational journey for a nursing student. Students who are mentored by nurses beyond their nursing school contribute to a diversified workforce which helps with care of diverse populations.