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Our Stories

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Stories and testimonials from actual NAHN NY members featured here!

Name: Francisco, RN
Years Nursing: 18 years
School: Colombia University/                              Doctoral Candidate at                              Villanova

"I am a gerontological nurse practitioner providing diabetes care. I once met an older woman who lived by herself in New York City. I assisted her with chores until she passed. This experience let me realize how much her independence meant to her and how I made that possible for her. From this experience, I decided to specialize in gerontology. This is why I am an “old people's nurse.”

Photo: Erwin Perez RN

Name: Barbara D Vega, RN
Years Nursing: 10 years
School: NYU Rory Meyers

 "I have provided direct patient care within diverse private, public, and community sectors, spanning from inpatient acute care to chronic disease management throughout my many years of nursing to this point. Currently I am the Chronic Care Manager/Diabetes Nurse Educator at the Ryan Nena Community Health Center. I provide education, support, and care coordination for patients with new or uncontrolled Diabetes, trending HgbA1Cs, and complicated medication/insulin regimens that usually require adjustments in collaborations with the primary care providers.

Overall however, I am a health educator, nurse mentor, and lifestyle coach, who focuses on helping and inspiring others to modify short- and long-term behavior changes, prevent diseases, and promote health, also setting an example through my own fitness and healthy eating journey and by being a Certified Diabetes Educator. While this journey proves to sometimes be very stressful, emotional, and mentally taxing, leading to some periods of discouragement and self-doubt, it’s been instilled in me since birth (starting from my mother’s influence and continuously through other mentors surrounding me) to always hold an optimistic and joyous personality. My passion lies in community health and in the development of one’s holistic self, hence allowing the possibility to build a better you and therefore a better world.

Photo: Erwin Perez RN

Name: Laura Penalo, MS, RN, CNL
Years Nursing: 11 years
School: Monroe College

Photo: Erwin Perez RN

"Nursing has been a profession that has allowed me to grow professionally, personally and intellectually. Every day I make a difference in someone’s life and learn something new from all my interactions with patients, nursing students and other healthcare professionals. 
As a nurse I get the opportunity to be a caregiver, a manager, a scientist and an educator. 
I was born and raised in Medellin, Colombia. I came to the US when I was 18 years old with many dreams in mind. It was not easy at the beginning, but I was able to fulfill my dreams with hard work and dedication—long days, sleepless nights and no TV for many years. I am a very busy person but always make sure that I have time for my beautiful and inspiring family. I have two young children, a lovely husband and two unconditional parents. 
Like many Hispanics, my family is a paradox—sometimes I feel like I am going to lose my mind with all their demands but, on the other hand, they are my inspiration and the reason why I work harder and harder every day.”

"Knowing that there is a voice for Hispanic Nurses is rewarding. Knowing that NAHN takes care of various communities is rewarding."