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Who We Are

The purpose of this organization is to serve the Hispanic Community and Professional Registered Nurses and nursing students, in an effort to promote the Hispanic presence in society. A commitment to fostering research, academic activities for the membership and continued advancement of Hispanic health care and culture is the focus of the NAHN NY Chapter. 

What We Do

The NAHN NY chapter provides members with the opportunity to address issues impacting the health and care of Hispanics at the local and state levels.


Benefits of chapter membership include:

  • Qualifying for awards and scholarships

  • Monthly forum to discuss local community issues

  • Participation in health promotion activities, professional/social networking events, and continuing education and job opportunities

  • Leadership development

  • Mentorship programs


We invite you to visit the National Hispanic Nurse Association's website for more information on membership benefits: Click here ​


NAHN NY by laws: Click Here

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  • Provide a forum for nurses to analyze and evaluate the health care needs of the Hispanic community 

  • Assess the safety and quality of health care delivery services to the Hispanic community 

  • Identify barriers to the delivery of health services to Hispanic consumers and recommend appropriate solutions to local, state, and federal agencies. 

  • Develop, test, and promote culturally sensitive models of intervention that provide effective nursing care for Hispanic communities 

  • Disseminate research findings and policy perspectives related to Hispanic health care needs to local, state, and federal agencies in order to impact policy making and the allocation of resources 

  • Collaborate with, and provide assistance to, other Hispanic health care professionals 

  • Identify Hispanic nurses throughout the nation in order to monitor the size and growth of this group of health care professionals who may provide culturally sensitive nursing care to Hispanic consumers 

  • Identify barriers to quality education for Hispanic nursing students and recommend appropriate solutions to state, local, and federal agencies 

  • Work toward recruitment and retention of Hispanic students in nursing education programs, in order to increase the number of bilingual and bicultural nurses who may provide culturally sensitive nursing care to Hispanic consumers. 

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"As a non-traditional, second-degree student, the NAHN-NY chapter has embraced the value of my distinct attributes. The NAHN-NY chapter has guided me and provided the resources that have cemented my passion for nursing. NAHN has allowed me to step outside of my comfort zone and grow as a professional. I am so thankful for NAHN and hope to teach the next generation of nurses to pursue their dreams with integrity and confidence." -Patricia Rojas RN

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NAHN NY Board Members

Mirian Zavala, DNS RN

Dr. Michele Crespo-Fierro is a clinical associate professor at NYU Meyers College of Nursing.  She is the director of the NYU Meyers LEAD Honors Program. She graduated from NYU Meyers’ traditional baccalaureate program and received a Master’s of Science in Community Health Nursing and a Master’s of Public Health in Community Health Education with a subspecialty in HIV/AIDS Nursing from the Hunter-Bellevue School of Nursing at Hunter College, City University of New York.  She completed a doctorate (PhD) at the Graduate Center, City University of New York. Her dissertation explored the culture care needs of Puerto Rican women receiving HIV care from Nurse Practitioners in New York City. Her areas of interest are HIV care, the social determinants of health, culturally congruent care and linguistically appropriate services, LGBTQ and adolescent health needs, nursing workforce diversity and diverse student support, addressing the STEM pipeline issues for students of color.  She has published numerous articles and presented nationally and internationally on these topic areas. She is certified in Advanced AIDS nursing care. She is the recipient of various awards, scholarships, fellowships and grants.

Michele Crespo-Fierro, Ph.D. RN
Immediate Past President
Debbie Ilarraza Gruber



Karla Rodriguez is a Clinical Assistant Professor at the Rory Meyers NYU College of Nursing. Having been a Registered Nurse since 1999, her population of interest is adult and pediatric general medicine. She has always been interested in health and wellness and pursued an interest in the Care of Populations track for her DNP at Quinnipiac University.

Rodriguez_K_14 (1) (1).jpg
Karla Rodriguez
Mavely Penzo
Board Member
Roberto Molina Bon
Board Member

Registered Nurse with a background in business. Graduated with a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Business Management with a Minor in Marketing at the College of Staten Island (CSI), NY. Worked in the restaurant and retail businesses for about 10 years before making the switch to Nursing. Returned to CSI where I obtained my Associate's Degree in Nursing. Upon graduation, Dr. Wanda Montalvo introduced me to and encouraged me to join NAHN, and so I did. Subsequently, I became a recipient of the BAMA-L grant, a HRSA funded scholarship, which allowed me to continue my education by pursuing my BSN at the at the University of Alabama’s Capstone College of Nursing. Since graduation I have been working as a Nurse Care Manager for an insurance company, Extended MLTC. I am ready to take the next step in my nursing career and I will soon be joining the Robert Wood Johnson Barnabas Health team.
While serving as board member at NAHN-NY, my goal is to use my business background and create partnerships between business and health organizations to promote the growth and development of these organizations while helping to reduce or eliminate health barriers in our communities.

Debbie Ilarraza Gruber



Marisol Montoya is currently serving the minority community of the South Bronx as an Emergency Room nurse.  She believes the most intimate relationship each individual has is the relationship with their body, and health is the language of this relationship.  Through her work as an ER nurse and NAHN she brings this awareness to the community so each individual may be equipped with the tools of knowledge and thus feel empowered to recognize their responsibility of this relationship. 

NAHN Photo_Marisol Montoya.jpg
Marisol Montoya, RN, BSN
Board Member
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